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Taco5101-G23/4 inch Threaded Geothermal Water Control Valve390.00

3/4 inch Threaded Geothermal Water Control Valve is an electrically operated valve for use in water source heat pump systems. It opens and closes slowly and smoothly in response to the action of a controlling heating and/or cooling thermostat. Technical Specifications: 24 Volt; 0.9 (1.3 maximum intermittent) AMPs; 34 - 240 degree F (1 degree - 116 degree C) Temperature Range; 125 psi (861 kPA) Maximum Working Pressure; 150 feet (46m) Maximum Pump Head; 65 psi (448 kPA) Valve will Close Against. Replaces Part Numbers: 5101-G2; 5101G2.


AMPs0.9 (1.3 Max Intermittent )
Package Quantity1
Temperature Range (C)1 - 116 degrees
TypeGeothermal Water Control Valve