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Multiple/White Rodgers36H32-304Redundant Gas Valve210.00

Redundant Gas Valve. Compact multifunction valve designed to meet the requirements of all types of intermittent ignition systems - cycle pilot, proven pilot, direct spark ignition and hot surface ignition. Technical Specifications: Electrical rating: 0.54 amps, Regulator adjustment range: natural gas 2.5 to 5.0 inches WC. Maximum pressure rating: 1/2 PSI (14.0 WC), swing radius: 3 9/16 inches. Ambient operating range: -40 degree to + 175 degree. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Has pilot filter, adjustable pilot pressure and manual shut off valve. Replaces Part Numbers: 36H32-304; 36H32304; 36E01-204; 36E01204; 36E01-221; 36E01221; 36E01-233; 36E01233; 36E01-243; 36E01243; 36E01-244; 36E01244; 36E01-245; 36E01245; 36E01-248; 36E01248; 36E01-257; 36E01257; 36E01-308; 36E01308; 36E01-310; 36E01310; 36E36-105; 36E36105; 36E36-106; 36E36106; 36E36-201; 36E36201; 36E36-216; 36E36216; 36E36-220; 36E36220; 36E36-230; 36E36-20; 36E36-232; 36E36232; 36E36-235; 36E36235; 36E36-237; 36E36237; 36E36-238; 36E36238; 36E36-244; 36E36244; 36E36-245; 36E36245; 36E36-248; 36E36248; 36E36-252; 36E36252; 36E36-256; 36E36256; 36E36-263; 36E36263; 36E36-265; 36E36265; 36E36-266; 36E36266; 36E36-267; 36E36267; 36E36-303; 36E36303; 36E36-304; 36E36304; 36E36-305; 36E36305.


Package Quantity1
TypeRedundant Gas Valve